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Type of vane pump for hydraulic press

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  According to the different sealing work volume in the rotation of the rotor rotating a week, the number of liquid discharge, the vane pump can be divided into two categories, namely, the single acting vane pump and double acting vane pump. What is the working principle of the single acting vane pump? What are the characteristics? The working principle of single acting vane pump is shown. It consists of a stator, rotor, blade and swash plate etc Between the stator and rotor with eccentricity e, blade mounted in the rotor slots, and can slide in the groove, when the rotor rotates, the centrifugal force, the blade close to the inner wall of the stator, so in the stator and rotor, blade and oil distribution on both sides of the formation of a number of cross examination on the seal interval, when the rotor according to the direction of rotation, in the right part of the figure, the leaves gradually extended, the leaves between the working space is gradually increased, and oil from the oil inlet, which is the suction chamber. At the left, the inner wall of the stator blade is gradually pressed into the groove, the working space will be gradually reduced, the oil from the oil outlet pressure is the pressure, oil pressure chamber. There is a letter in the oil suction chamber and the pressure oil chamber between the suction chamber and separates the oil pressure chamber, each rotation of the rotor, each working space to complete a suction and pressure oil.
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