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Hydraulic cylinder for reciprocating pump of hydraulic machine

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  A separate hydraulic cylinder multi cylinder reciprocating pump, each plunger (piston) corresponds to a separate liquid cylinder, called the split liquid cylinder. The utility model has the advantages of size and quality of each hydraulic cylinder are relatively small, high pressure reciprocating pump hydraulic cylinder forging is also smaller, more convenient mechanical processing; multi cylinder pump for a hydraulic cylinder is damaged, only need to replace one, good economy. The main drawback is the suction and discharge duct liquid pump (or header) and is connected with the suction and discharge fluid of each hydraulic cylinder mouth, suction and discharge duct (or header, and the hydraulic cylinder contact surface of the suction and discharge liquid outlet while keeping the sealing difficult at high discharge pressure easy to produce leakage; at the same time sucking and discharging liquid duct (header) also bear the additional load, fatigue damage, high discharge pressure and conveying corrosive medium when the damage is more serious.
  The integral hydraulic cylinder of each hydraulic cylinder of multi cylinder reciprocating pump together in one, is an integral type hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder has the advantages of each interval is only one wall of the required thickness, total using less materials, when transport corrosive medium can save expensive high alloy steel; the suction and discharge the liquid duct in the cylinder body, and through holes respectively for suction and discharge valve valve cavity is connected, there is no leakage, will not bear the additional load, no suction, discharge duct damage, for transporting corrosive medium pressure and high exhaust, is conducive to improve the pump life. The disadvantage is the high pressure pump cylinder forgings larger, higher requirements, hydraulic machine machining difficulty is large, but the main one is the hydraulic cylinder is damaged, replacing the entire body, under normal circumstances, the discharge pressure is low, conveying non corrosive media, use of split type hydraulic cylinder; high the discharge pressure, conveying corrosive media, use of integral hydraulic cylinder.
  The structure of the cylinder of the reciprocating pump directly affects the strength and fatigue resistance of the liquid cylinder. It is mainly to arrange the position of the suction and discharge valve.
  Is shown on both sides of the suction and discharge valve in the hydraulic cylinder, suction and discharge valve valve chamber and cylinder working chamber was “four” shape, the hydraulic cylinder working stress, suction and stress concentration in the liquid discharge valve chamber and cylinder intersecting parts, and under pulsating load this kind of structure, the fatigue resistance can.
  For the suction and discharge valve along the cylinder axis stagger, axial hydraulic cylinder bearing section area increase, work stress is reduced but the valve cavity and the working cavity still exists at the intersection of stress concentration, still under pulsating load, the stress state of hydraulic cylinder has changed, but changed little, failed to solve the fatigue damage in the end the combination valve is arranged in the cylinder suction and discharge valve into one from the root, so in the working chamber wall hydraulic cylinder without valve chamber, valve chamber eliminates holes caused by stress concentration, the stress state is improved, is conducive to improve the fatigue resistance of hydraulic cylinder.
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