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Mechanical electromagnetic relay for hydraulic press

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  Voltage maintenance and control of hydraulic machine voltage relay used in electric drive system. The coil is connected in parallel with the main circuit to sense the line voltage of the main circuit and the contact point is connected with the control circuit.

  According to the size of the pull in voltage, a voltage relay can be divided into over voltage relay and voltage relay. Over voltage relay (FV) for maintenance line voltage, the pull tuning is maintained 1.05 to 1.2 times the additional electric line. When was the maintenance of the normal line voltage, armature movement; when the voltage of the protected line is higher than the additional value to the voltage relay setting value when the armature is attracted, contact organization, control circuit power, control circuit is breaking contactor timely maintenance. Under voltage relay (KV) for line voltage maintenance, which releases the setting value for additional line voltage of 0.1 to 0.6 times. When was the maintenance of normal line voltage, armature pull is maintained when reliable; line voltage to an undervoltage relay setting value, the armature contact tissue release, reset, control contactor breaking circuit is maintained in a timely manner. Zero voltage relay is when the circuit voltage is reduced to 5% ~ 25%UN release, to complete the zero voltage maintenance circuit. Voltage loss maintenance for a circuit.

  In this process, the central relay is essentially a voltage relay. It is characterized by a large number of contacts, the current capacity can be increased, and the effect of the expansion of the center (the number of contacts and the current capacity)。
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